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#	SLATEC Common Mathematical Library, Version 4.1, July 1993
#	a comprehensive software library containing over
#	1400 general purpose mathematical and statistical routines
#	written in Fortran 77.

file	readme
for	overview of slatec

file	slatec_src.tgz
for	Gzipped tar file of complete
,	SLATEC source. (2373787 bytes)
,	Individual routines can be retrieved from src subdirectory.

file    slatec4linux.tgz
for     Gzipped tar file of SLATEC for linux

file	slatec_chk.tgz
for	Gzipped tar file of SLATEC
,	quick checks. (324049 bytes)
,	Individual routines can be retrieved from chk subdirectory.

lib	err
for	xersav and other error handling from old version of SLATEC
,	used by several other packages in netlib

file	toc
for	SLATEC table of contents
size	227 kB

file	gams
for	GAMS classification

file	guide
for	Guide to the SLATEC Common Mathematical Library

file	slatecm.tgz
for	browser for any library using SLATEC prologues
by	David M Woodcock <>
age	experimental

lib	src
#  This library contains the main SLATEC Fortran source.
#  There are five (5) machine specific subprograms (D1MACH,
#  I1MACH, R1MACH, FDUMP and XERHLT) in the source file.
#  These are described further in the next two paragraphs.
#  Machine constants, such as word length and maximum
#  positive exponent, are supplied to routines in SLATEC
#  source via the functions D1MACH, I1MACH and R1MACH.  Make
#  sure that each machine type at your site returns the
#  correct values for these functions.  In most cases, this
#  only requires replacing a "C" with a blank in the first
#  column of several lines of each function.  The copies of
#  D1MACH, I1MACH and R1MACH included in the source have all
#  the machine specific constants commented out with a "C" in
#  column one.
#  The standard error handler has two machine dependent
#  subroutines in it: FDUMP and XERHLT.  The routine XERHLT
#  is called via XERMSG when a fatal error is encountered and
#  must terminate the job.  The copy of XERHLT included in
#  this file contains a "STOP" and thus does stop execution.
#  However, in most circumstances, this normal exit is
#  unacceptable when an error has been detected and this
#  subroutine should be replaced at each site.  The routine
#  FDUMP is called via XERMSG when traceback information is
#  desired.  This routine should provide the traceback
#  information to appropriate output files.  The copy of
#  FDUMP included in the source does not produce traceback
#  information.  If this function is desired, it must be
#  implemented at each site.
#  It is assumed that all ANSI-77 standard intrinsic
#  functions are vendor-supplied and, therefore, are not
#  included in the main SLATEC source.  In the event that
#  some of these subprograms are not resident on the system
#  (e.g. DINT on CDC), many are included in the subsid. (See
#  below.)     In some cases, the higher special
#  functions (e.g. error functions, Bessel functions)
#  anticipate that certain errors will be handled in the
#  intrinsic functions.  This may not be done appropriately
#  in vendor-supplied intrinsic functions and may cause
#  difficulties.

lib	lin
# removed from slatec/src to make the main source more accessible
# see also /netlib/blas, /netlib/linpack, /netlib/eispack, /netlib/slap

lib	fishfft
for	the FISHPACK, FFTPACK subset of SLATEC
# removed from slatec/src to make the main source more accessible
# see also /netlib/fishpack, /netlib/fftpack

lib	fnlib
for	the FNLIB subset of SLATEC
# removed from slatec/src to make the main source more accessible
# see also /netlib/fn, which is another version;  we don't really
# know which one is more recent or bug-free.  If you figure it out
# please send email to

lib	pchip
for	piecewise cubic hermite approximation
# removed from slatec/src to make the main source more accessible
# see also /netlib/pchip

lib	chk
for	54 quick check drivers
#  If some of the quick checks fail on certain machines, it
#  does not necessarily indicate a problem in the source, but
#  possibly in the quick checks themselves, or the machine
#  architecture or the operating system or the compiler or
#  vendor or user supplied software.
#  The main programs (quick check drivers) are test01.f,...,test54.f.
#  On the VAX under VMS, the quick checks should be run with
#  KPRINT = 0 or 1 (zero or one).

file	docinstall
for	installation note for the Los Alamos documentation program

file	slprep
for	Los Alamos on-line documentation
#  generates four files which comprise the database for the on-line
#  documentation program

file	sladoc
for	on-line documentation

file	subsid
for	subsidiary programs for slprep and sladoc

file	spfun
for	elementary special functions

file	spfunchk
for	quick checks for the elementary special functions

file	install
for	installation note

file	list
for	list of subprograms

file	tree1
for	list of routines directly referenced

file	tree
for	list of routines directly or indirectly referenced