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#	Papers describing PVM
#	=====================
#	This directory contains a number of items relating to pvm and
#	HeNCE systems. To obtain a short (1 page) writeup on the projects
#	send mail to netlib@ornl.gov, in the mail message type:
#	send writeup.ps from pvm

#	To receive a copy of the
#	HeNCE index send email to netlib@ornl.gov and in the message
#	type: send index from hence.

file	pvm_experiences
for	pvm_experiences :  Describes graphical PVM interface, portable
,	parallel programming on PVM, and visualization using ParaGraph.
,	Presents results and experiences with two large, real-life,
,	scientific computing applications.

# NOTE: The user interface constructs have undergone numerous small
#	changes since the papers were written. To ensure that calling
#	conventions and argument lists are consistent with the
#	software, please do not use the descriptions in the papers
#	while developing PVM applications. Use the users guide instead.

file	pvm_shar
for	pvm_shar : This is the source code for pvm.
,	Version 2.4.2.
age	Last updated 12/22/92
size	901371 bytes

file	pvm_tar
for	pvm_tar : This is the source code for pvm.(tar; compress; uuencode)
,	Version 2.4.2.
age	Last updated 12/22/92
size	396085 bytes

file	patch1_shar
for	This is a shar file of patches to version 2.4.1.
age	Last updated 8/13/92
size	122879 bytes

file	userguide_shar
for	userguide_shar : This is the users' guide for pvm.
age	Last updated 7/29/91
size	261274 bytes

file	refcard
for	This is a postscript file containing a quick reference card
,	which describes the C and Fortran interface to PVM.
age	Last updated 5/24/92
size	79033 bytes

lib	xab
for	Xab: A Tool for Monitoring PVM programs
,	This directory contains a number of items relating to the
,	Xab system.

file    pvmug93
for	This file contains information on the PVM USers'
,       Group meeting May 10-11, 1993.